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Cosplay contest entries can sign up at the show by visiting the Guild of Nerds table. Please see floorplan for location and schedule for times of competitions. 


Dublin Wizard Con 2022 Cosplay Contest Official Rules

● Awards presented in the following categories:

Group / Family

Adult (Over 16+)

Under 16’s

 Tots (under 5’s)




Overall *Best in Show* will be awarded to an entry that displays excellence in all aspects of the character they are representing.


Consideration will be given to craftsmanship (Quality and Construction, Level of Detail, Level of Difficulty), accuracy

 and character/creativity/originality

While store bought costumes can look amazing, please note that your craftsmanship scores will be lower.

The Dublin Wizard Con Cosplay Contest is a competition showcase of costume construction, open to Cosplayers of all levels of experience.

 Sign ups are on a first-come- first-served basis, by category. All submissions will
be reviewed by the Cosplay Coordinator / Cosplay Staff* in the order they are received.

Please take the time to thoroughly read the rules, and ask any questions.

For any questions regarding the rules and sign-up details, please contact the
Cosplay Coordinator* at the show (you'll find them at the Guild of Nerds table)
*Cosplay Coordinator and staff have the final say on rules. Failure to comply may result in
disqualification. Dublin Wizard Con, The RDS, The Guild of Nerds and All charity partners are
not responsible for any damage or loss to a prop or costume brought on-site..
General / All Entry Rules:
● All contestants must be attendees of Dublin Wizard Con 
● All costumes must adhere to the Dublin Wizard Con Policies. No live steel, no
functioning or previously functioning projectile weapons, no indecent exposure, etc.…
Additional rules (listed below) also apply.
● This is a Family friendly / PG-13 event – please keep this in mind when planning your
outfit / or performing on stage. 
● The use of make-up / body paint / body-socks to darken your skin to the appearance of
another racial ethnic group apart from your own will not be permitted. 
● Only contestants who will be appearing on stage for the competition are allowed to be in
the preparation area / backstage during the show.

Handlers may only be utilized onstage if you are physically incapable of using your

hands/maneuvering your costume alone.

 If needed a Parent/Guardian may accompany underage participants

● All sign-ups are on the day of the convention only — Entries will be accepted for the

show at the Guild of Nerds Booth up to 45 mins before the contest is scheduled.

● If all slots fill before sign-ups close, entries received after hitting the entry cap will be

placed on a waiting list. If any confirmed entries drop, places will be offered to those on

the waitlist in order of who signed up first.

● You must have some kind of foot covering. Shoes or boots are required. This is a matter

of safety. If your character does not usually wear shoes, the lack of accuracy will be

forgiven; If you are adamant about the look, consider shoes that match your flesh-tone,

or clear shoes. 

● Any substances that may cause damage or mess to the stage, equipment, or other

entrants costumes are NOT permitted on stage, in the preparation area, or anywhere



This includes but is not limited to anything oily, greasy or that can stain; liquids,

fire, smoke or smoke machines, dry ice, confetti / powder / small debris. If it’s not

listed here but you are unsure, please ask the cosplay coordinator.

Absolutely NO jumping on or off the stage.


NO acrobatics of any kind / NO flips / NO cartwheels etc. will be allowed.


Any ‘surprise elements’ must be run by the cosplay coordinator for approval.

● Contestants may have a photo of themselves taken in cosplay for use in

marketing of the event for social media across the various Dublin Wizard Con channels.

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